Welcome to the Already Dead Poets Society, a community blog where you can publish your own work.  You can publish under your own name, under a nom de plume, or anonymously.  Links to relevant articles about poetry are also welcome.

Underlying themes of the parent site (Already Dead) are that although our civilization is on its last legs; we are still here, we should enjoy now, and there is still plenty of room for mystery, love and wonder.  But you can post here whether or not you agree with those ideas.  (And you can share poems archived here back to Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Digg…)

The scope is wide; we’re about reflecting humanity while it lasts, and you are  multifaceted.  As Walt Whitman wrote: I am large, I contain multitudes.

  • It may be about love, life, wonder, longing, pain, loss, trouble or confusion; whether personal or applicable to the tragicomedy of humanity as a whole.
  • Dark humor is fine, very fine.
  • Light humor is fine too.
  • It may be about cosmic mystery.  If you get the rationale of embracing hopelessness and appreciating now…try your hand at penning some thoughtful verse for posterity, or for however long we have the internet.  Life, love, the improbability of our Universe, the overwhelming grime and beauty of the world we’re so busily destroying, the wondrous improbability of it all.
  • It may be over frustration or anger or alarm.  Maybe as an intelligent being you occasionally feel an overwhelming urge to club the stupid; summarize environmental geopolitics in limerick form, or civilization’s impending doom in haiku.  You may be alarmed by politicians who are blithely accelerating our demise.  Go for it.   Here’s your chance to point out the obvious, take the piss, right some wrongs…
  • Any poetry form is also okay – there are at least 50.  (If you opt to register rather than posting anonymously, you can categorize your poem by form as well as topic, if you want to.)   It may be unconventional format such as an Unexplained Case Report, pushing into prose.  Maybe you can create a new form.


  1. Please don’t be libelous (maliciously defamatory).  If you want to critique the behavior of a specific public figure or other person, make it clear that it’s your opinion.
  2. If you are thinking of finding a conventional publisher for your poetry some time in the future, a note to aspiring poets posted here on Reddit is worth bearing in mind.  An excerpt reads: “For poets that seek to exist as poets outside of this [site], please consider that most publications are unhappy or unwilling to accept poetry that exists in accessible form on the internet.  This is considered previously published…”   However, publishing here wouldn’t stop you from seeking to be more widely published (some publishers may be fine with it), or self-publishing using a service such as Amazon’s CreateSpace.   Also, realistically, you won’t make any significant money by publishing poetry: even well-known poets only survive by having day-jobs such as teaching creative writing.  So to avoid disappointment (and also free up your creative spirit!) it is worth knowing up front there is really no point in pursuing poetry if your main aim is to make a living from it.  For more about that see here.  (For a second opinion, see here. For a third opinion, see here.)
  3. You can post excerpts from published poems, but only if they are in the public domain, or you have obtained the author’s permission.  Please don’t post anything under copyright (including song lyrics) … Copyright times vary by country, but are typically 50-70 years after the author’s death.
  4. Comments are enabled on this site, but only from people who have registered.  This means that people can not post anonymous comments – a protection against trolling.  Other registered users can view and comment on your poems, and (if your register) you can comment on poems of others.  Please be courteous.
  5. Registration is free.  It’s just a WordPress Site.  Similarly, there are no plans to to monetize this site, or introduce ads.  It’s just a shared resource.

Already Dead was set up as a response to mindless optimism by real human scientists, but whether you’re a scientist or not, do please feel free to contribute.