Goodbye EU, so long globalization

More nationalism, less cooperation, more international conflict. A year of of electoral revolts may end the European Union as we know it.

In the West, globalization is in freefall. It is blamed for gutting the industrial base and corroding social cohesion. Whatever the reasons, more and more previously thoughtful nation states are returning to the me-first politics of demanding toddlers.  Toddlers with weapons.  Toddlers who engage in trade wars, geopolitical confrontations, and large-scale military conflicts.

At a scientific level, these shifts look like symptoms of a larger underlying problem: the overburden of our huge global population starting to thrash against the limits of its ever diminishing resources. When there is not enough to go around, animals start to fight. It’s basic ecology. The simple fact is, there are not enough resources to support the world’s population. […more…]


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  1. Very much to your point:
    Very scary – from Fast Company….
    “Leaked Army video shows a future of urban hellscapes.”
    “The Intercept got hold of an Army video that warns of the complexities of maintaining military control in the cities of the future. The megacities of the future (population >10M), the video asserts, will be more densely populated and socially and politically complex than anything we know today. People will be stacked up—people living in high-rise apartments, at street level, and below the streets—with distinct political and social systems at each level…..
    …..The Intercept seems to make fun of the video, but I don’t see much to laugh about. Sure, the use of third-world imagery of overpopulation and political strife used by the producers (which remain anonymous) is something we’ve seen before. But the reason those images are relevant is because they depict present-day cities that are already well on their way to the megacity dynamic described in the video. —MS”

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